Porquê increver-se neste curso?

Oportunidade única Curso inovador na Europa Live Dissecação em cadáver

Num sistema completamente inovador, no conforto da sua casa em LIVE STREAMING (em direto) os alunos terão acesso a 22horas de conteúdo programático.

De 29 de Março a 7 de junho de 2022 os alunos terão acesso a aulas interativas e dinâmicas com os Professores Dra Patricia e Dr Rui Fernandes.

Terão acesso a aulas interativas de:

  • Anatomia Facial aplicada à medicina estética
  • Dissecação em Live Streaming em Cadaver fresco enquanto são exemplificadas técnicas avançadas de preenchimento Facial.
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Ahead of facial aesthetic medicine in Portugal

Master Botulinum Toxin 101


This course has an intimately practical and clinical focus, the course begins with a theoretical introduction and develops into a daily clinical immersion in an aesthetic medicine consultation.

100% Flexible and 100% Individualized.

In your daily clinical practice, carry out facial Aesthetic Medicine procedures in a safe, predictable way with an immediate result with a holistic and safe approach for both the patient and the clinician.

100% Supervised and Clinical Focus.

Perfect option to ensure maximum focus and support to develop your techniques with facial harmonizing injectables.

100% Adjusted to your needs.

The pace of mentoring is established by the student. You will be trained to achieve the best possible results for your patients.

Experience 101 is the philosophy of this course, where the doctor practices on real patients and is always supported by Dr. Rui Fernandes: this experience provides the trainee with the level of confidence necessary to calmly, safely and consciously carry out what they have trained in. You will feel prepared to exercise.

Without Secrets

A experiência 101 é a filosofia deste curso, onde o médico pratica em pacientes reais e sempre apoiado pelo Dr. Rui Fernandes: esta experiência proporciona ao formando o grau de confiança necessário para exercer de forma calma, segura e consciente o que treinou. Sentir-se-á preparado para exercer.

Sem segredos

What will you learn

There are more and more doctors from different specialties who want to master the technique of applying botulinum toxin for an aesthetic and also parafunctional component.

In this 2-day Intensive Training you will learn how to apply botulinum toxin safely and effectively to your aesthetic medicine patients.

Training with a very intense clinical component. You will finish the master ready to diagnose the best cases, administering the toxin in a safe and effective way.

Who is this course aimed at?

This master is recommended for doctors and dentists without any contact with aesthetic medicine and who want to start their career in this area of ​​activity, in a safe and sustainable way.

Nothing beats the feeling of making someone the best version of themselves right in front of our eyes!

Dr. Rui Fernandes

Botulinum toxin type A is the most used medicine worldwide in the scope of Facial Aesthetic Medicine or Harmonization and Orofacial Therapy.
This toxin is used to alleviate expression wrinkles in the upper third of the face, wrinkles in the lower third of the face, treatment of pathologies and parafunctional disorders: such as headaches and bruxism.

A unique opportunity with an exclusive program that will make all the difference!