Terms and Conditions

Registration and Selection of Participants

  • The registration process is carried out by interested parties from the website http://www.drruifernandes.pt/, interested parties must fill in all the requested data.
  • Enrollment depends on acceptance of the rules of the Privacy Policy Regulation and submission of proof of qualifications, professional certificate or equivalent document.
  • Doctor Rui Fernandes may refuse an application, namely, when he considers that the trainee’s qualifications do not fit the defined prerequisites.
  • The definitive validation of the trainee’s registration by Dr. Rui Fernandes is carried out, at most, within 2 business days of sending documents and paying 30% of the training fee.
  • Entries are limited to the number of available places. If, when registering, the number of vacancies is already fully filled, even though this action may be allowed through our website, you will then be contacted by Dr. Rui Fernandes, informing you of the data available to carry out the training.
  • From the moment you enroll in one of the training courses and pay the 30%, you only have 15 days to withdraw from the training, after that period of time we do not make refunds.
  • From the moment you enroll in one of the training courses, the trainee has up to 1 year to complete his training.